Summer winds down in Seattle

As September ends and October begins, we continue to squeeze out the remaining joy of last vestiges of the great Summer Seattle weather.  There are however a number of signs that we will soon be in a much colder, wetter, darker period.

fremont-oktoberfestThe first of these is a very fun event – Fremont Oktoberfest.  This is billed as one of the largest Oktoberfest events in the west and it lives up to that with large crowds, many different beers to taste, live music and a fun run.







The second telltale sign is that we now have more Canadian geese migrating through from Canada seeking warmer climates to wait out winter.


The leaves are also starting to change color.  Although I have to admit that being able to kayak and paddle board in early October is a real blessing!

Trees turning on the Fremont ship canal



Finally, the ultimate sign is when Alice brings out the “Boo” kits and advises me that it is time to bring out the Halloween decorations. So far I’ve nobly resisted putting up any such decorations, but the time is definitely coming…)