A Very Happy Thanksgiving

This year we were visited by our Seattle family and had a very special time in the wonderful world of the Big Island of Hawaii. Lots of pool time, a snorkeling adventure on Thanksgiving Day and some wonderful food thanks to the culinary skills of Tyler.

Of course, it all started with Alice continuing the tradition of presenting leis to our visitors at the airport and doing her best to embarrass them with her outfit.

A turkey hat for Thanksgiving

Oscar and Julius made the most of the the high dive and water slides off ‘Fairwinds’, while we all enjoyed swimming with the fish and checking out the coral at Kealakekua Bay.

We spent some time in Kailua village where the Christmas spirit seems to have arrived already.

Yes, Christmas is coming!

It was great to spend time with Nina, Tyler and the boys and it made for a very good Thanksgiving. Hopefully this is the start of a fabulous holiday season for everyone. Take care and stay safe!

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