Coping with Covid

Like most people in the world today, we’ve been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Hawaii is under lockdown until the end of April with essential workers only being allowed to travel to work, all beaches, restaurants, bars etc closed, and schools, the University, and church services all online.

We’re certainly in beautiful part of the world to be sitting out the pandemic, practicing social distancing and only going out to pick up some groceries and other necessary supplies. This has lead to some unusual sights including eerily quiet streets.

Ali’i Drive is normally busy with vehicles, joggers and bike riders

We can still exercise by walking in the morning and using weights at home. We also purchased a rowing machine which has been very useful as we can no longer go paddling with the outrigger canoe club or go to the gym.

During this time we celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary and enjoyed some online entertainment in the form of live streamed shows by our friend and fellow Aussie/Kiwi LT Smooth who lives on the Big Island, and have tuned into Jimmy Buffet concerts that from previous years that were broadcast again.

LT Smooth playing on our Anniversary

I also got to act as a zookeeper from Australia after Kaitlin’s school closed and the planned zoo visit had to be cancelled. Even though school moved to online delivery the kindergarten students were very disappointed about missing the zoo – hence “Zookeeper Wayne”. Of course the content is not really accurate but at least the kinders liked it!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and being kind to themselves and each other during this crazy time.