Continuing the Covid Clamp-down

This year is turning out very differently to what we had expected and very different to last year when we traveled extensively.

Hawaii is handling the coronavirus really well – certainly much better than most of the US mainland with 14-day mandatory quarantine for all people arriving on the islands and mandatory distancing and masks (at least in the county of the Big Island). This has resulted in very low infection rates and deaths, although it has also meant no tourists with a subsequent dramatic effect on the economy.

We’ve still managed to enjoy life (of course living in Hawaii makes that pretty easy) and participate in a number of activities. First up was a virtual Anzac Day celebration complete with home-made sausage rolls.

Alice and I managed to get some long-overdue haircuts (we were really getting the “Covid-shaggy” look). Alice’s hairdresser was kind enough to come to our house and give us the backyard “do”.

Next up was Mother’s Day, complete with presents, flowers and cake!

Memorial day was made more fun with a virtual “Bolder Boulder 10K Fun Run”. We had completed this multiple times when we lived in Boulder, so it seemed right to participate remotely.

Proof! Turnaround point on our scenic, coastal route.

Our wonderful daughter, Kaitlin and her husband Adam also made the lock-down more fun by organizing events and providing me with some additional activities. The first of these was a chalk art competition where I tied for first place 🙂

For Father’s Day, Kaitlin also sent me a kit for making more “hooch”, which I’m now in the middle of aging.

Kaitlin and Adam then organized a very fun “Murder Mystery” evening over Zoom, and we were joined by Adam’s dad and his partner. I was playing “Papa Vitto” and turned out to be the murderer.

Way fun – Kaitlin had sent us all props for our characters.

We had an adventure of a very different type as we joined the Big Island Jeep Club on an off-road adventure to a local black sand beach. We had the “most whimpy” Jeep in the pack but managed to handle the track just fine in 4WD low range, although I have to admit I held my breath a couple of times as we went over boulders and down some large drop-offs.

Our Jeep is the orange one – we were asked how it went over the rough stuff…
quite well as it turned out!

We celebrated 4th July with hot dogs and beer. There were plenty of fireworks that evening that disturbed sleep for Alice and Josie the cat, but I managed to sleep quite well.

During this time, we continue to have beautiful sunsets! Stay safe and healthy!