Summertime and things that float

Summer’s end comes closer and the weather is cooling. ¬†While this summer hasn’t been as warm as last year, we still had our share of truly beautiful days. Whenever the days get hot – more than 80 degrees F, the rowing dock gets totally crowded.WP_20160820_14_28_23_Pro [450048]

WP_20160820_13_40_35_Pro [451366]

There are all sorts of floating toys that accompany these hordes of people, some of which are quite creative.


WP_20160820_09_13_26_Pro [322374] (2)

We also have the pleasure of seeing some great vessels floating by, including dragon boats, tall ships, fishing boats, Coast Guard vessels and some truly large pleasure craft.


Fisihing boat000000yacht1-600xx1280-960-0-160DSCN0929 (2)

Here’s hoping for a long Indian summer through September and in the meantime for more interesting craft to make an appearance.



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